About ReachOut Professionals

ReachOut Professionals believes that with the right tools, any young person can be happy and resilient.

ReachOut Professionals provides recommendations and advice for youth support workers, health workers and education professionals on a range of online interventions, tools and resources that can be used to support young people experiencing mental health difficulties and to build young people’s wellbeing and resilience.

Content and resources on ReachOut Professionals will help you to understand key mental health and wellbeing concepts, refer young people to appropriate services or online tools, and teach mental health and wellbeing skills in the classroom and in support work with young people.


As a partner service of the ReachOut.com online youth mental health service, ReachOut Professionals provides a space for young people and professionals to connect and create resources for better mental health care and support. A key goal in this endeavour is to work together to break down barriers to young people proactively tackling mental health difficulties before they become a problem.


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We provide a number of avenues for keeping abreast of the latest tools and resources for supporting youth mental health, including key ReachOut.com activities, information and referral services for young people.

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ReachOut Professionals is a service of ReachOut Australia

ReachOut Australia is the organisation behind our Professionals service. An Australian non-profit established in 1996 with a mission to help young people lead happier lives. The organisation exists because mental health difficulties are one of the biggest challenges of our time: 1 in 4 young people will experience a mental health disorder, and suicide is the leading cause of death for young people aged 15 to 24 in Australia.