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ReachOut.com is online 24/7 for any young person who needs support and information about dealing with tough times or improving everyday life. You can help us spread the word about ReachOut.com to young people in your services and your community by ordering pamphlets and promotional materials to give to them.

Areas where you can distribute promotional material may include:

  • youth or community centres
  • schools or universities
  • GP waiting rooms and hospitals
  • outreach services.

Promotional material is free for limited amounts. For larger orders contact marketing@inspire.org.au 

Take a look at the available promotional material below, and get some now by using our online order form.


Alternatively you can download and print a .pdf file of our brochure here.


ReachOut.com promotional material

Overview of merchendise   Inside of poster


Reachout.com pamphlet  Reachout.com sticker  Reachout.com poster 
 ReachOut.com pamphlets
[99mm x 210mm]
ReachOut.com logo sticker 
 ReachOut.com poster
[A3 size]
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