Anxiety reliever

Anxiety Reliever is an app designed to allow individuals to relax and overcome anxiety, stress and improve their sleep. Learn more about the app and when it is appropriate to use, and read professional's and young people's advice for using it in practice.

This tool will assist with:

  • reducing anxiety and stress

  • improving sleep

  • identifying patterns and triggers of anxiety.

About Anxiety Reliever

Anxiety Reliever is an app designed to enable the user to relax and overcome anxiety, stress and improve their sleep. Anxiety Reliever seeks to achieve this primarily through the use of audio sessions with recordings targeted at specific issues.

Anxiety Reliever features a breathing tool that can help the user calm themselves during a period of stress or a panic attack as well as a tracking function that enables the user to see their progress and identify.

Tips can be found on a number of topics that feature guides on overcoming issues such as anxiety and negative thoughts. Users can also receive additional support via positive messages from Anxiety Reliever during tough times.

Where to access this tool

Anxiety Reliever is free to download and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Our young people rated it 3.5/5

Our professionals rated it 3/5

When to use Anxiety Reliever

This app can be used by young people who are experiencing anxiety or during a stressful moment or seeking to improve their sleep and are more auditory orientated.

What young people thought of Anxiety Reliever


  • It has a simple design which makes it easy to use.
  • That both the 'Tips' and 'Breathe' sections are able to be personalised.
  • The anxiety tracker is useful.


  • The colours blend together a bit which makes it hard to see.
  • All of the features seem to be crammed into the app.
  • There's no written information, it is all audio based.

Professionals' advice on using Anxiety Reliever in practice

  • Show this app with a collection of other anxiety apps so there's a few options to choose from.
  • The fact that it steers away from text and is audio based and would be useful for young people that are not so keen on reading.
  • Be aware that there is a cost to this app.

Advice from young people

  • Make it available on an iPad for students to use.
  • Utilise it during class as a group meditation.
  • Listening tasks aren't for everyone, sometimes it takes a while to learn to be still and use these properly.


This tool was reviewed by Caitlin and Isobelle, young people from the community. Professional review was provided by Simon DuBois (Psychologist).

Next Steps

  • Try the app first before you recommend it to your clients. Make sure that it's available for a demonstration to them.

  • Work with the young person to ensure that they're using it correctly and that the format suits them.

  • Check in with the young person and provide encouragement.

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