Bullying Action Pack

Bullying remains a complex and critical issue within schools, with 1 in 4 students reporting that they’ve been bullied on a regular basis. Research demonstrates adopting a comprehensive whole school approach is the best way to prevent bullying behaviour and promote respectful relationships in your school.

Bullying Action Pack

Our new Bullying Action Pack will help you tackle bullying in your classroom, develop respectful relationships across your school, and give parents tools to support their teenagers.

The pack covers a range of content including:

  • does your school or classroom have a bullying problem
  • understanding bullying behaviours
  • exploring respect in the classroom
  • how to stand up to bullying behaviour.

This free, comprehensive resource works hard in and out of the classroom with:

  • teaching activities mapped to the Australian Curriculum
  • information sheets to share with parents
  • resources to print and share with students.

Using a whole school approach we can challenge bullying behaviour and promote respectful relationships. Download the free Bullying Action Pack now.

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