Embracing The 'F' Word

Learning from failure is key to student achievement and motivation at school. Discover our latest Wellbeing@School resource which explores Carol Dweck's fixed and growth mindsets, Embracing the 'F' Word:Using FAILURE to build resilience + motivation @school.

This classroom resource contains:

  • 6 x 50 min lessons (mapped to the Australian Health + Physical Education Curriculum and Australian General Capabilities) that explore the concept of a growth mindset through a range of individual, small group and whole class activities.
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Download the resource

 Failure resource cover  Click here to download [PDF]     

Growth Mindsets + Failure in Schools 

We need to understand that failure is a necessary part of learning, teach students how to fail better and that learning happens through failure, effort and hard work. A growth mindset is the key to this process. 

[Fact sheet] A Growth Mindset Teacher 

[Fact Sheet] A Fixed Mindset Teacher

[Fact Sheet] A Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset Student

[Fact Sheet] A Growth Mindset Classroom

Promoting a Growth Mindset

To encourage the development of a growth mindset across your school, download our growth mindset posters to spread the word!

Student Posters


Teacher Posters


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    The link is now fixed and you should have no problems downloading. Thanks for the feedback!

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    I was unable to download the PDF of the resource. Each time I tried it sent me an error message.

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    The link for the 'F-word' downloadable resource seems to be broken.