Managing Exam Stress Action Pack

Each year more than 220,000 students per year go through their Year 12 Exams. Research has identified that this can be a highly stressful time for young people. Exam stress is an issue that permeates each school year and can become overwhelming in the final years of school. With the gift of hindsight, we know that it doesn’t have to be this way and there is life after our Year 12 exams. 

Exam Stress Action Pack

The Managing Exam Stress Action Pack is designed to help support your whole school community through the stressful exam period. The Managing Exam Stress Action Pack is available to all members of ReachOut Schools. To become a member, register for free today.

The Action Pack includes:

  • information on stress and how to recognise if students are coping
  • teaching activities designed for the classroom or whole year group
  • practical, informative and action-focused hand-outs for students
  • information for parents and carers.

The interactive classroom activities incorporate videos into your lessons. There’s expert advice from a GP and videos from other young people to ensure the lessons are relatable for your students.

The resource also covers:

  • personal reflections for students on the effect stress can have
  • an introduction to growth mindsets
  • practical tips from other young people on how to beat exam stress
  • practical handouts for students. 

Help alleviate some of the stress and pressure your students are experiencing. Sign up and download the Managing Exam Stress Action Pack today.