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ReachOut.com hosts weekly and monthly discussions on mental health and wellbeing topics. Each discussion is facilitated by trained peer moderators or mental health professionals, depending on the discussion content. See which discussions are coming up.

This can be helpful for:

  • Finding out how other people cope with life situations
  • Connecting to a community of like minded people
  • Learning new strategies for wellbeing
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Forum Discussions

The Getting Real Sessions - Every Monday night. A space for young people to share stories and ask questions. 


  • 14th - Optimism
  • 21st - Dealing with conflict
  • 24th - SPECIAL GUEST: Psychologist Sarah Swannell, talking about self-harm
  • 28th - Everyone has a sexuality


  • 5th - Random acts of kindness and other wellbeing boosters
  • 12th - ALERT: incoming stress (end of year study)
  • 15th - SPECIAL GUEST: Respect, Protect, Connect, talking about healthy relationships
  • 19th - Booty dancing and other ways to exercise when you hate exercise
  • 25th - Introverts and extroverts


  • 19th - SPECIAL GUEST: Psychologist Alikki Russell, talking about depression.


What is Getting Real?

Every Monday night ReachOut.com hosts Getting Real sessions. These are peer facilitated discussions, organised by our fabulous CheerSquad. That means that they are run by other young people and it's a place to share experiences, ideas and opinions. There are no right or wrong answers in the Gettign Real sessions. Join us every Monday night at 8pm (AEST). 

Occasionally ReachOut.com forums has special guests for Q&A sessions. These are facilitated by ReachOut.com. Keep an eye out for notifications about upcoming special guests on this page. 

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ReachOut.com Forums: forums.au.reachout.com

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  • Student01    (1083 days ago)

    These are great sites and I will be logging in to InfoBus/ Special Guests on 14/8/14 session.

    I have not accessed these sites before and will be looking at all of them as a worker and a grandmother with teenagers I feel it is important to remain knowledgable on contemporary issues they are experiencing and exposed to. And it assist me to be supportive of one of them who has a mental illness and struggling to find their way through the maze of help and advice and interventions that are beginning to overwhelm him.