Friday Fives

Energise and re-focus your students. Friday Fives are five minute activities for you to use in home group/pastoral care sessions each week. 

This will provide you with:

  • five minute activities for your classroom
  • whole class and individual activities
  • activities to get your students thinking and moving
Group of young kids playing a game

10 Friday Fives 

  1. Superman Capes: Encourage students to learn from one another and share coping strategies.
  2. Managing Stress: Get your students moving and teach them to manage their own stress levels.
  3. Brain Teaser: Get your students thinking outside the box.
  4. Work Those Neurons: Promote mindfulness by engaging students with a riddle.
  5. Short Term Goals: Help your students identify and set personal goals in this fun activity.  
  6. Every Individual is Unique: Use this activity to highlight and promote diversity in your classroom.
  7. Desert Island: Encourage collaboration and promote problem solving skills.   
  8. Two Truths and a Lie: A fun and creative way for students to share information about themselves.
  9. Five Things in Common: Promote creativity and concentration with this fun group work activity.
  10. Just One Word: Get your students thinking, focused and ready to learn. 

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  • BronwynM    (1052 days ago)

    I deliver talks on Mental Health & Resilience to high school and university students, and was looking for some interactive activities to spice up these talks. The activities were helpful and also sparked some new ideas for me! Thanks.

  • Shane_ROPro    (1313 days ago)

    Hi Karen,

    The download appears to be working fine for most. Please email us at if you continue to have problems, and we'll help you out.


  • KarenWilson    (1349 days ago)

    Download Term 1 Friday Five Activities... This link errors!