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During the holiday period, people take time to de-stress, party, and to re-connect with friends and family. But things don’t always go smoothly, and stress or isolation can happen. This toolkit covers some of the resources people under 25 may find handy during the holidays. Share useful links or print it as a handy reference.

Isolation and loneliness

Group of friends
As soon as the holidays start and I have more spare time, things begin to get overwhelming. Too much time to think about everything that is going on. Thinking can be scary sometimes.

The holiday period means more free time but also more alone time. It may be hard to see friends every day and organising to hang out can be difficult.

Feeling isolated and alone? That’s ok. Some of these articles can be helpful places to start turning it around.

Avoiding social situations (Fact sheet)

Overwhelming freedom (Story)

Tips for meeting new people (Fact sheet)

Feeling sad (Fact sheet)

It’s not uncommon to feel alone. For the full range of personal stories and tips, go here:


Nothing to do, nobody to see? It’s easy to get caught up feeling bored and forget there’s a lot you can do to connect with people or get motivated. Some top tips:

9 things you can do now that exams are over (Comic)

11 ways to avoid feeling bored(Fact sheet)

Summer Survival Kit(Fact sheet)

Creativity in every day (Story)

Partying and letting loose

During the break it’s natural to want to let loose and party. Just remember to stay safe, and don’t navigate the messy stuff on your own.

Safe partying(Fact sheet)

Helping a drunk friend(Fact sheet)

Low risk drinking(Fact sheet)

Losing your virginity (Fact sheet)


For tips about sex, try

For the full range of pointers on drugs, alcohol and partying, go here:

Friends, family and conflict

Holidays mean extended family and friend time, and that can be a comfort or a chore – depending on who you’ve got! We’ve got answers to some of the common problems.

The family and Christmas(Fact sheet)

Having a hard time with friends(Fact sheet)

How do I talk to girls?(Q&A)

Making friends(Video)

There’s a lot of stuff on friends and family at Find it here:

Life after school

The end of the year means big changes for a lot of people finishing school or moving to a new stage in their life. Starting at a new school next year, or leaving for uni, work, or a gap year? Get some pointers on making the leap.

Finished with school(Featured article)

Starting at a new school(Fact sheet)

Taking a gap year(Fact sheet)

Moving away to study(Fact sheet)


The full kit of school, uni and study tips is available here:

Nobody has to go it alone is available 24/7 throughout the holidays for people who are stuck for ideas or looking for info, on your mobile or on your computer.

Check out the Forums for a safe space to get pointers from other people who have been there before.

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