Mental health: A priority for improving Australia's health

Mental health is a priority health issue in Australia. Tragically the leading cause of death among young Australians (14-25) is suicide. It is important that we see mental health as a priority issue in Australia put a strong focus on improving the mental health of young people.

This will help you to:

  • explore the health priorities of Australians
  • understand mental health as a priority area
  • explore mental health as part of the Ottawa Charter
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Exploring Australian health priorities 

To explore the Australian Health Priorities we have devised a rage of materials to support you in your Senior Health Classroom.

Webinar: Mental Health as a Priority Area. This webinar is available for viewing with your staff or with your class group

The following support materials have also been developed.

Mental health as a priority issue: Powerpoint presentation

Mental Health ‘Hot Seat’: Class quiz activity on mental health trends

Ottawa Charter: How does address the five action areas of the Ottawa Charter?


Find out more

  • Encourage your students to watch the webinar
  • Share the webinar with your colleagues to encourage whole school support for mental health promotion
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