My Wellbeing. My Classroom: Positive Psychology Resource

The first in our 'Wellbeing@School' series, this resource through our work with Salutegenics guides teachers and students through the practical application of Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology PERMA framework. 

This will help you to:

  • explain positive psychology
  • plan a series of lessons on positive psychology
  • develop a positive psychology framework for your school
  • introduce positive psychology to your life and your classroom
  • explore the Australian Health & Physical Education Curriculum & General Capabilities 
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Download the eBook

A first of its kind eBook for teachers in Australia, this resource is now available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iPad, and with iTunes on your computer.

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What is Positive Psychology? 

Research shows a classroom encouraging positive emotions and optimistic viewpoints produces widened thoughts and actions, and improves creativity and exploration which can result in improved academic achievement and fulfilment.

Positive psychology is a relatively new aspect of psychology founded by Professor Martin Seligman in 1998 that seeks to scientifically understand positive emotions such as joy and optimism. Positive psychology focuses on the elements that allow individuals, groups and organisations to flourish.


My Wellbeing. My Classroom is based on Positive Psychology’s PERMA Framework. 

This resource explains each element of PERMA and provides practical strategies to explore each one. The activities are applicable for all ages (for sustaining or improving wellbeing) and have been designed for you as a teacher to explore each of the elements yourself, to be given to students for them to work through as individuals or to be introduced as a series of activities in your classroom/pastoral care group.

Content is this resource assists students in exploring the Personal and Social Capability of the The Australian Curriculum


How you use this resource is completely up to you!


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  • Sarah_ROPro    (1318 days ago)

    Hi Leigh, there is an accompanying webinar for this resource available on our site: If you would like further info regarding a presentation workshop face to face , please email

  • Leigh    (1327 days ago)

    Some really good material-is there a presentation workshop opportunity to support this?

  • Shane_ROPro    (1439 days ago)

    Hi Seona, thanks for requesting help! Some people have reported difficulty viewing the full resource in their browser. To download the full file, you can right click on the link and select 'Save link as' Let us know if you continue to have troubles

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