July research highlights

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July was a busy month for new research in young people, mental health and wellbeing. We highlight some of the research that you can use to inform your work with young people.

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Game on

Exploring the impact of technologies on young men’s mental health and wellbeing

Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre

In July the Young and Well CRC released the results of the first Young and Well National Survey - a national online survey that investigates the impact of technology on young men’s mental health.

Key insights:

Young men with moderate to very high levels of psychological distress were more likely to:

  • Talk about problems on the internet, with 66 percent finding it helpful.
  • Use the internet to find information for a mental health, alcohol or other substance abuse problem (48 percent).
  • Be somewhat to very satisfied with the information they received online (95 percent).

Young men who reported higher levels of psychological distress were more likely to access health information, listen to (or download / upload) music and play games with others on the internet.

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Videogames are good for you

Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre

Also released in July from the Young and Well CRC, research undertaken by the Gaming Research Group led by QUT’s Dr Daniel Johnson found that video games can have positive influences on young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Key insights:

  • Moderate gameplay can contribute to positive emotions, emotional stability and the reduction of emotional disturbances.
  • Positive mental wellbeing has been associated with videogame play as a means of relaxation and stress reduction.
  • Depressed mood is significantly lower, and self-esteem higher, in those that play games.

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National Snapshot of Youth Work

Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

New research released by the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition is the first national snapshot of youth workers beliefs, perceptions and experiences of what it is to be a youth worker in Australia, summarising the results gathered from 1185 self-identified youth workers.

Key findings:

  • Youth work is underpinned by strengths-based, young people-centred and voluntary practice principles
  • Youth work is strongly sociological and ethological
  • Just under half of respondents had been in the workforce 5 or fewer years
  • Developing a professional identity is important to youth workers, and is believed will influence better pay, conditions and support

This research informs AYAC’s work across Australia to achieve a national definition of youth work.

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