We've changed!

We’ve taken the best of our ReachOut Pro health professionals website and our ReachOut Teachers Network website, and brought them together in the newly designed ReachOut.com Professionals. Find out more about the changes and how to stay connected to resources that help you help young people.

Why the change

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The new site is designed to provide information and resources that are concise, tailored to your professional context, and that are practical and transferrable. We believe that with the right tools, you can help any young person be happier.

Over the last year we’ve been working furiously to respond to the feedback from our 2012 research into the needs of professionals supporting young people. In particular, we wanted to improve our support for the important role teachers, support workers and allied health professionals play in helping young people build wellbeing and deal with mental health difficulties.

The new ReachOut.com Professionals website is designed to help you help young people. By delivering practical, concise and up-to-date resources that support you to respond appropriately to young people, we want to help you feel capable and equipped to help when they come to you for support. Beyond that, the resources here will help you to improve young people’s wellbeing – so that they can avoid developing mental health problems in the first place.


What’s new?

Simpler site navigation

Designed through user experience research with teachers and support workers, the new site is designed to help you quickly get to the most useful content for your work.

Location based personalisation

The new ReachOut.com Professionals website will show recommended national or state-based support services, based on your location and the topic of the information you are accessing.

Profession-based personalisation

Based on the profession you subscribe to our email newsletter with, we’ll email you with the resources or updates relevant to your work. You can quickly subscribe at any time using the box on the right hand side of this page.


We’ve introduced the ability to rate content, so that you more easily tell us whether a resource or article has been helpful.

New content

Revised content provides easy to use guides and resources on supporting young people’s mental health, including:

  • information on common mental health difficulties, with the most relevant online resources and guides for helping young people

  • guidance on navigating the mental health and e-mental health system in Australia, and providing effective support and referral

  • professional and youth advice on using new mental health apps and online tools for young people

  • new guides on using ReachOut.com content and tools in health promotion and early-intervention

  • practical lesson ideas and classroom activities for supporting young people and teaching wellbeing, mental health literacy and resilience in the classroom

  • free self-paced learning modules for support workers and teachers on improving youth wellbeing and resilience.

Tell us what you think!

We hope you like the new site! We encourage you to use the new ratings feature and improved commenting to tell us what you think of individual resources. Got suggestions for something you’d like to see? Contact us and tell us more.

We look forward to chatting with you on the new site.


Shane Cucow
ReachOut.com Professionals Manager

Sarah Jackson
Senior Manager - Schools


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