National Mental Health Report Card 2013

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The National Mental Health Commission has released its second report card on the state of Australia's mental health system, looking into new areas of service provision and support. New recommendations include investing in early intervention and committing to ambitious suicide reduction targets.

2013 National Report Card
Tackling the causes rather than the symptoms; preventing mental illness and suicide in the first place; promoting good mental health for everyone; and timely support when things start to get tough, is the best economic and social renewal strategy that we can invest in.

The second report card builds on the foundations of the initial 2012 report card. On top of the ten recommendations for action in that initial report, the National Mental Health Commission has added 8 new recommendations for action, including addressing barriers in educational pathways and life options.

Access the report card and recommendations:

National Mental Health Commission website

The importance of online services during transitions

As a part of the contributing life conversations led by the Commission, we had the opportunity to share our story about the importance of online services in building the resilience, wellbeing and help-seeking behaviour of young people.

Watch the great video of Sarah Jackson, Senior Manager (Schools) at Professionals, sharing her story.


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