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A lot has been happening in mental health, online services and young people’s experiences. We highlight some of the useful research that you can use to inform your work with young people.

A life without stigma (Report)

Adult health professional talking to client

SANE Australia

A new report released by SANE Australia examines the impact that stigma has on the lives of people affected by mental illness, including an overview of associated issues from the growing body of research in this area. The report also looks at major stigma-reduction initiatives carried out in Australia and overseas, the evidence base about what works, and makes recommendations for future action in Australia.

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One in four Australian families rely on social security payments for survival


A bi-annual report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare indicates that one in four Australian families are relying on social welfare payments to survive. It also indicates that 13% of the population lives in poverty, with no means of income in 11.6% of families.

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Internet-based versus face-to-face cognitive-behavioral intervention for depression

A randomized controlled non-inferiority trial

B. Wagner, A. B. Horn, & A. Maercker

An at week study looked at the comparative impact of cognitive behaviour therapy, with half of the participants receiving face-to-face therapy and the other half receiving online therapy. While both groups showed similarly improved outcomes at the end of the 8 weeks, those receiving online therapy showed more sustained outcomes 3 months after treatment.

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Obsessive Hope Disorder


J. Mendoza, A. Bresnan, S. Rosenberg, A. Elson, Y. Gilbert, P. Long, K. Wilson, & J. Hopkins

This damning report on the impact of 30 years of mental health reform in Australia indicates that despite record investment, Australia’s mental health system has not much improved.

Australian mental health reform over the past 30 years is one of world-class policies and strategies let down by inadequate planning, poor implementation and our complex system of government. The results are disappointing, wasteful of scarce resources and too often devastating for millions of Australians affected by mental illness.

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Where Teens Seek Online Privacy Advice

A. Lenhart, M. Madden, S. Cortesi, U. Gasser, & A. Smith

A national survey and focus group research project by Pew Internet in the United States indicates that most teens use their own initiative and intuition to investigate, learn and manage privacy settings on the internet, rather than turning to other sources.

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Treatment of child anxiety disorders via guided parent-delivered cognitive–behavioural therapy

Randomised controlled trial

K. Thirlwall, P. J. Cooper, J. Karalus, M. Voysey, L. Willetts, & C. Creswell

A study to investigate the impact of low-intensity, parent-guided cognitive behaviour therapy for children with Anxiety Disorders. The study indicates that full guided, parent-delivered CBT can be effective for helping children manage anxiety.

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