Printable fact sheets for students

Based on positive psychology, these printable wellbeing fact sheets are tailored to complement our other school wellbeing resources. Developed for a Year 9 level, it covers a range of topics that can be utilised within the classroom context to help students understand, improve and initiate action towards positive mental health and wellbeing.

This will help young people to understand:

  • Some areas in their lives that they do have control over
  • Practical actions they can take towards positive mental health and wellbeing
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What is positive psychology?

Positive psychology is the science of wellbeing. It’s an area of psychology that helps us understand how to create a satisfying life filled with meaning, pleasure, engagement, positive relationships and accomplishment.

Positive psychology is not about putting on a happy face all the time. Life can sometimes be hard and disappointments and challenges are inevitable. However, scientific research has shown that there are specific strategies and tools that can help people to maintain a positive state of wellbeing, despite these setbacks and challenges.

The fact sheets

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