Recommended mental health websites

Mental health websites help young people understand and recognise mental health difficulties, and to start making the steps towards recovery. They are now an essential part of health promotion and early intervention. These are Professionals' recommended mental health websites and online programs.

These will help with:

  • Recognition of signs and symptoms
  • Improving attitudes to self-help and help-seeking
  • Feeling less alone ipad and mobile

Our recommendations

Butterfly Foundation

Online, email and phone support for Australians living with eating disorders and their family and friends.

Ages 14+

Phone support available Mon-Fri 8am-9pm AEST


Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI)

Stories and information for young people whose parents have a mental illness.

Ages 10-18



Online positive psychology games website.

Ages 16+




Online portal for mental health information, with information from a wide range of online services.

All ages.


Australia’s leading youth mental health and wellbeing website, with fact sheets, stories, forums and apps to help young people understand and manage their mental health.

Ages 14-25




Web game and online resources aimed at teaching and building resilience, self-esteem and positive thinking.

Ages 15-30



The Desk

Tertiary student health, wellbeing and support website. Information, self-help content, and community, run by University of Queensland with support from BeyondBlue.

Tertiary students.


The Lowdown NZ

Interactive New Zealand website for young people giving information and advice on depression and related issues.

Ages 16-24




An online training program aimed at young men that tests mental health and sets mental fitness ‘missions’.

Ages 15-25.




Information website. Beyondblue’s youth program aims to empower young people aged 12–25, their friends and those who care for them to respond to depression and anxiety.


Other websites

There are many websites and online campaigns, including some that are not specifically about mental health, that help young people with issues that may cause them psychological distress. Take time out regularly to acquaint yourself with new sites and campaigns that may be helpful to young people you work with, or worth sharing via your service’s social media or newsletters, such as:

My Year 7 Self - a campaign challenging behaviour that reinforces stigma about sexuality and gender

Appreciate a mate - a campaign that encourages young people to share positive affirmations with friends.

ManTherapy - BeyondBlue mental health campaign targeting men. Professionals regularly engages practitioners and young people to review apps and online tools that can help young people. Stay connected with new websites, apps or campaigns by subscribing to the newsletter using the tool on the right hand side of this page, or by following Professionals on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • RajendraM    (830 days ago)

    WorkOut seems to be an effective tool to measure and maintain young peoples mental fitness

  • sandi    (898 days ago)

    I have found a number of new site, used them and can see the value that they add to working alongside young people - Having access to sites is important to the regional and remote populations that I work with

  • Estelle    (1135 days ago)

    Valuable article. Particularly appreciate the recommended websites