Referring to a professional Q&A

This practice activity provides guidelines for referring a young person to an online Q&A with a professional, on the forums. Get tips for using this to help young people.

This practice activity will help you:

  • Understand the role online Q&A's can play
  • Make a supported referral to an online Q&A
  • Follow up the referral in a reflective conversation with a young person
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The ‘InfoBus’ sessions are monthly discussions on the forums where a mental health professional or specialist is invited as a special guest, to respond to young people’s questions and facilitate a discussion about a serious mental health topic - such as coping with depression, self-harm, eating disorders etc. These discussions provide a safe guided space for young people to talk about mental health topics that may be sensitive or potentially triggering, and to get professional advice with a level of anonymity.

In this activity, we will outline the referral of a young person to an InfoBus session as a safe and anonymous space that they can use to explore sensitive mental health related issues they may be experiencing.

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Referring to an online Q&A with a professional [PDF]
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