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Looking for content to share with your school community about student mental health and wellbeing? Here you will find information to use in your regular newsletters including direct links to ReachOut.com.

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1. Back to school!

As the school year begins, starting a new school, moving schools, changing classes, finding new friends and meeting  new teachers will be top of mind for lots of young people in Australia. It’s normal for young people to feel nervous  when beginning a new school and there are many things that young people can do to make the transition easier such  as remaining in contact with old friends via emailing, social media or meeting up after school and weekends, finding  ways to express how they are feeling like writing a journal, playing sport or talking to someone. ReachOut.com  provides fact sheets, stories and forums to help make it easier for young people to adjust to new places, new people  and new friends.

 ReachOut.com Fact Sheets

 Starting a new School 

 How to make friends 

2. Getting help!

Knowing where, when and how to get help around mental health and wellbeing is vital for everyone, particularly for young people. People come in all different shapes and sizes, and so too does mental health help! Young people can access help online, via the phone and in person at school or via an outside service.  Whether a young person thinks  the thought is silly, more serious, or an emergency, there are services in your community where trained professionals  can assist. For young people figuring out when they might need help and where to get help from, ReachOut.com can assist!

ReachOut.com Fact Sheets

 Types of help  

 Where to get professional help  

 Health care rights  

3. Setting goals and exploring motivation

Setting goals brings focus, motivation, allows young people to think about what’s working well, what‘s not and ultimately, increases their chances of achieving things! When setting goals, the easiest place to start is to focus on things that are meaningful.  Three goal setting starting points are:

  1. Start with things you enjoy
  2. Don’t get too caught up with ‘big’ things
  3. Think about what you don’t want

To keep motivation high it helps for young people to track and plot their progress towards goals-this can be through apps such as Goal Tapper or through a written journal. Making goals public with friends can also help  keep motivation high.

 Useful fact sheets from ReachOut.com

 How to set goals   

 Tips for getting motivated   

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