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1. Resilience

Everyone faces tough times, and life isn’t always smooth sailing. But it’s how we cope with tough times that shows us how resilient and mentally fit we are. During the beginning of a school term it is normal for students to feel slightly unsettled in friendship groups, classes, timetables and the transition from holiday to school mode. It is important that students have coping strategies to deal with changes and tough situations. If a student is facing a troubling situation it is important they have support in the form of contact with a teacher, parent or counsellor but it is equally important that we teach our students everyday coping strategies to enhance wellbeing and resilience.  

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2. Study and school work

With the prospect of half yearly exams coming up and the school year well under way, some students may feel the pressure of study and school work more intensely in Term Two. It is normal to feel some stress and pressure when it comes to study and school work, however it is important that students, teachers and parents know when stress becomes a threat to wellbeing and mental health. It is important that students have support to help them manage their stress levels and study in an effective and productive way. Some students may also face extreme disappointment or feelings of hopelessness if they do not get the marks they were aiming for. It is therefore important that students learn to manage failure and not let test scores seriously impact their wellbeing and sense of self-worth.

ReachOut.com fact sheets

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3. Personal identity

High school can be a time of self-discovery for many students. The transition from primary to high school and the building of responsibilities and independence lead to young people figuring out who they are as a young adult. Many different elements makeup personal identity including;

  • Body image
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Cultural identity
  • Self awareness
  • Personal strengths
  • Interests and goals 

While young people are discovering who they are, it is important that they have information and support through this ever changing process. 

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