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The Toolbox is a tool to help young people find apps to improve their wellbeing. Learn about the tool, how to use it and how young people can access it.

What is The Toolbox?

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The Toolbox is a website aimed at improving the wellbeing of young people. It contains a wide selection of apps endorsed by health professionals and young people, to ensure each app is credible and engaging.

How to use The Toolbox

Young people can use The Toolbox to work out their health and wellbeing goals, download recommended apps for each goal and read information and reviews by health professionals and young people. Once they’ve used an app, they can write a review about their experiences to help others in a similar situation. 

How are apps chosen for The Toolbox?

All apps included on The Toolbox website are evaluated using the Mobile Application Rating Scale (MARS) developed by Queensland University of Technology.  
Each app is reviewed by at least one health professional to determine that the information contained in the app is credible. It is then reviewed by at least two young people to determine whether the app is user-friendly and engaging. 

An advisory board of leading psychologists in the field of wellbeing and technology guide the process of selecting and reviewing apps to be included on the site.

If you would like to suggest an app for inclusion on The Toolbox, please email

Who’s behind The Toolbox?

The Toolbox was created by ReachOut  Australia and supported by the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre. The graphic design and web development was completed by DT Digital. Queensland University of Technology developed the Mobile Application Rating Scale used to evaluate apps in The Toolbox. Flinders University is also undertaking a research study to evaluate the effectiveness of The Toolbox.

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